Bollywood Movies cannot be Complete without Music

When it comes to Bollywood movies, music of the movies plays a very important role. Based on the type of story that is being roped to make a film, the director and producer go about selecting the right type of music director.

Though the Bollywood industry is blessed with amazing talent as far as music making is concerned, but surely everybody is not good at everything. Hence, based on the kind of storyline one has in hand, the music director should be chosen accordingly.

Music directors in Bollywood these days are well versed in their respective fields. What I have seen personally is that the music score is becoming a lot more universal. We don’t get to hear the similar Indian tunes all the time. A lot of adaptation is being done which is very good because it does help the listeners get something new and different to listen. Surely what I feel is that the creative and different the music, the better it is for the listeners because everyone wants something new.

Not just music, even in terms of singing there is enough variety available. Thanks to the ongoing shows like “idol” that helps in getting fresh talent and ones that have different voice quality. This way the music directors also manage to get their hands on some fresh talent and utilise them to present something different which would be the unique selling point of the music album.

A lot of international talent is also being utilised in terms of singing, especially when it comes to genres like Hip Hop, not many Indian singers are good at it. So basically with Indian movies, music was always an important element and so is the case today. The only difference is that it is dealt with in a lot different manner, some real creativity is to be seen.

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