A Starry Bollywood

The perfect way to step foot in Bollywood is to make sure that you have what it takes to be part of Bollywood. Gone are those days when recommendations and the surname used to do the needful. The yester years’ stars, even though there were the best products of the industry, their children dint manage to create the same magic as them in Bollywood. Hence, if talent is what is lacking then you are surely overlooked. The best example comes in from Abhishek Bachchan. His father is still the super star, and his mother also managed to get her listed amongst the best actresses of her times, but the son dint quite manage to get that particular kind of stardom for himself. Though his acting skills are not as good as his father’s but they cannot be termed as bad also. There have been a few movies where in he did manage to go about giving an award winning performance, but seems like luck dint quite favour him. When it comes to Bollywood, with talent, luck does matter. If you are lucky you can reach sky high with just your first movie.

Certainly the numerologists and astrologers are doing great business these days. A lot of people have started following the above mentioned means to know enough about themselves and the number of people in Bollywood itself is high. So, yes, a bit of luck finding means did manage to help people stabilise their boats and sail smoothly in Bollywood. But, some people are so blessed that they don’t really need an extra initial in their name or flashing of their birthstones, their talent does it all for them.

The journey in Bollywood is not stable for everyone; it has its own share of ups and downs for just about everyone.

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