Bollywood Does Come In Par With Hollywood

Bollywood is the Indian movie industry. Indian cinema is informally known as Bollywood. This movie industry is one of the very popular ones in the world. Though earlier Hollywood used to take the lead and the second best spot was given to Bollywood, seems like tables have turned. Today, Hollywood is coming to Bollywood.

If you notice, there have been a lot of changes that have taken place in Bollywood. The movie making, direction, writing, cinematography, actors, music, you just name it and everything seems fresh, finessed and simply perfect in Bollywood.

If Hollywood has the art to make amazing action packed movies, then I would say no one come close to making me cry, laugh, dance like the way Bollywood movies can. Surely Bollywood can do all of it.

I have grown up watching Indian movies and if you ask the same question to any Indian, he or she would say the same as well. Movies of those times and of current times seem to do the same magic for me. The songs are foot tapping, the actors look even younger and the action stunts done these days in movies keep you on the edge of your seat.

Hollywood wasn’t all perfect, even that industry developed with the passing time and brought concepts that were new and fresh to appeal to the masses. The same could be said about Bollywood, the industry, the movie makers started thinking outside the box. They started offering something more than the usual, but also maintained the fact that the essence of the Bollywood, i.e. music, dance was retained, but with fresh ideas, it gave Bollywood a new dimension.

I say Bollywood can make you cry and laugh, and such a form of entertainment is what can make a dull boring day into a lively one. So, when you got nothing to do, Indian movies should be considered to be watched.

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