Bollywood Hollywood Is The Mantra

These days a lot of investors from Bollywood are investing in the global market that includes Hollywood movies as well. The latest Bollywood buzz states that industrialist Anil Ambani enters the entertainment industry and makes a statement that over a billion dollars would be invested in order to come up with 10 Hollywood movies.

The scene in the Bollywood industry is no more the same. Anil Ambani certainly hasn’t be much associated with Bollywood earlier, but there are many other big shots are who are from the Indian film fraternity and they are either getting Hollywood stars to India or going about merging with the Hollywood movie makers, and of all this is being done in the name of making Bollywood go Global.

Though Bollywood movies manage to do fairly well on the international market, the markers are putting in extra initiative, trying to promote the movies on big scale so that the non-Indian crowd in overseas market also starts to watch Indian movies.

To make such an investment, surely one wants what you call as “moolah”. Enough money is definitely needed, if the producers aren’t willing to spend, then the goals in regards with the international market are hard to achieve.

It is not just the Indian stars or movie makers who are eyeing at Hollywood, it goes both ways. If you notice, a lot of Hollywood film makers are interested in Indian movies or are simply making movies based on concepts related to India. And many Hollywood actors are also being approached to be part of Indian movies. Certainly talks about many things are happening and a few of them are progressing well. The agents on both the ends are taking care of the matter. Certainly when the talks are finalised, we shall get to know as to what actor is part of whose movie.

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