Bollywood Movies Trends

Earlier, Bollywood was termed as a movie industry that made typically similar kinds of movies. Such a notion may not be completely true but you cannot term it is false as well because there was a time where in even different genres fell pretty much on the similar lines.

There was a time when only mythological movies were made, if not all at least almost. Likewise the kind or genres seemed more repetitive. This nowhere meant that Bollywood movies or movie makers dint have talent. Though they were similar kind of movies, one could surely see the art and skill of the movie maker being depicted on the screen.

In the mean time Hollywood had gone really far off, their movies were different and something unique to look out for. Then came the phase where in Bollywood movies were being made on the concepts based on Hollywood flicks maybe not quite on the same lines. But the storyline used to be slightly similar. Though people accused the movie makers of snatching away concepts and literally remaking it in Hindi, there was still a majority of audience who loved the change and faced no complaints with the remake idea because not many Indians used to fancy Hollywood movies back then, hence it was as good as new for them.

But, if you see in today’s time, things have changed. It is more like the directors, screenplay writers, script writers are all going by original ideas. Even if there is some sense of similarity, the way the movies are being directed, shot, that makes it less evident that the movie is a copy of an English flick. Basically the art of movie making in Bollywood has gone through a lot and seems like the experimenting and exploring is yet to continue, for this is what gets us blockbusters.

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