Designers In Bollywood

Bollywood movies come across as an inspiration for many people. Not just for people to become aspiring actors but professions like fashion designing also gets greatly affected by Bollywood. The thing with Bollywood movies is that they are colourful not loud always though, and they tend to catch the attention of the viewer. A lot of emphasis is given to what the cast should wear, ensuring it complements the scene that is being shot at that point of time. Such a starry treatment is not just given to the main cast of the movie like the lead pair, but every character is taken into consideration and based on the kind of role he or she has, the clothes are set accordingly.

It won’t be wrong to say that many designers have got themselves a break through by means of Indian movies. They work has been so much appreciated that a few actors like to wear clothes both off set and on set designed by a particular name.

With so much being offered by the Indian film industry, there are many Indian fashion designers who get to showcase their talent to the world through the medium of movies. Frankly speaking, using movie medium is far better than fashion shows alone, because not many are present at the venue and likewise not many are interested in watching them on TV. So, designers showcase their best work by means of movies. Names like Manish Malhotra are popular in their own industry which is fashion industry, but Indian movies have given him a broader platform to showcase his talent.

Though earlier the production team was never pro in hiring the best designer, in fact they wouldn’t mind the actor wearing just about anything in the movies. But, that was the case of the yester years, today, it is more like a director who takes the lead and demands the best designer so that what he shoots fits in well, good makeup and good clothes included.